Peace top wish for Thai children

THAILAND- The top wish of Thai children for Children's Day today is for their parents - or adults with differing political opinions - to put their differences aside and join together, according to a Bangkok poll released yesterday.

Of the 1,193 children aged 6-14 surveyed in Bangkok from January 7-9, 45 per cent wanted an end to political division and quarrelling; 19 per cent wanted to end corruption; 13 per cent wanted adults as role models; and 13 per cent wanted more effort made to develop the country.

Asked if they had overheard their parents or relatives arguing about the country's political division 27 per cent said they had, but 72 per cent said they had not.

The respondents also rated attractions they most wanted to visit for the day: 27 per cent said Suan Siam or Dreamworld; 6 per cent wanted to travel outside Bangkok; 5 per cent wanted to see military hardware on display; while 1.4 per cent wanted

to see the anti-government protest site.

Asked what defined a "good child", 24 per cent cited kindness and compassion; 22 per cent cited honesty; 20 per cent said gratitude; 19 per cent said diligence and patience; and 11 per cent said solving tasks at school and receiving good grades.