Peanuts fans can finally run a marathon in Japan's 'Snoopy-shaped' route

PHOTO: Twitter/yuka__co, Instagram/snoopygrams

When Charles Schulz first created the Peanuts comics in 1950, he probably would have never imagined that his creation could garner such a huge following from people worldwide. From the plethora of Snoopy merchandise in specialty stores to the Peanuts-themed rides in Universal Studios, Schulz's one-of-a-kind cartoon series has definitely made its mark among fans everywhere - especially those living in Japan.

In this recent tweet from anime director Akitaro Daichi, he shares how there is actually a marathon that follows a track shaped like Snoopy and Woodstock.

According to Daichi, the total distance of the Snoopy route is 2 kilometers and that the initial track did not include Snoopy's yellow-feathered friend.

However, the track's creator Yuka recently redesigned and updated this unique track to include Woodstock.

We definitely can't wait to conquer this Snoopy-fied challenge the next time we visit Japan! Here's to hoping Yuka can come up with a Charlie Brown route next.