People, the 'Dying Inside Challenge' has to die and you know it

PHOTO: Facebook

On Wednesday, Facebook page Filipino Channel Online posted a video collage of Pinoys doing the "Dying Inside Challenge", wherein couples try to accomplish the dance routine to Timmy Thomas's (Dying Inside) To Hold You song while inside a moving vehicle and while one of them is driving.

The video went viral and as of writing has generated 1.3 million views and has been shared over 13,000 times.

We're sure that the couples who take part in this challenge don't mean any harm and just want to join in on a seemingly fun trend, but it does set a bad example to other motorists as distracted driving puts the safety of everyone on the road on the line.

The statistics are also a grim reminder of the practice of road safety.

According to an Inquirer report made last November 2017, the Road Crash Statistics Report of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's Metro Manila Accident Recording and Analysis System documented a total of 75,399 road accidents in the National Capital Region from January to September.

Of this figure, 285 were fatal; 10,793 resulted in nonfatal injuries while 64,321 resulted in damage to property. Trends like this shouldn't contribute to those already grave figures; the problem is, the appreciation of the video normalizes dangerous road behaviours.

A quick scan of the comments on the video shows many Filipino Facebook users are not in favour of this new trend: