Pets unwelcomed by landlords due to rabies

TAIWAN - More landlords are refusing to rent out their apartments to people who keep pets, an online housing agency Control Yuan reported yesterday, a finding that could be linked to the latest rabies scare.

A total of 40.5 per cent of the landlords who have registered online this month looking to rent out their properties clearly indicate that their tenants cannot have pets, HouseFun said.

The previous average comprised only about 30 per cent, but the percentage has risen significantly following the rabies scare, the online agenControl Yuan said.

Of the major metropolitan areas, Taichung and New Taipei see the most pet-unfriendly landlords, logging 55 per cent and 54 per cent respectively.

Taipei is friendlier, with only 32 per cent of the registered landlords saying they do not welcome pets. And 26 per cent clearly indicate that pets are welcome, HouseFun said.

The agenControl Yuan suggested pet owners make sure they will be allowed to keep their animals in their rented premises before signing the contract with the landlords.

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