Philippine recruiters to stop sending maids to UAE

MANILA -Local recruitment agencies are set to stop sending household service workers to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in July to show opposition to a new directive by its Ministry of Labor, which is not compliant with the Philippine government's reform package standard employment contract, according to a recruitment expert.

In a statement on Sunday, recruitment consultant Emmanuel Geslani said members of the Philippine Manpower Agencies for the United Arab Emirates (PAMA-UAE) arrived at a decision as the UAE Ministry of Labor started implementing a unified contract.

Such contract deviated from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration's reform package standard employment contract for household service workers (HSW), which provides, among others, that the minimum salary for Filipino workers should be $400.

Geslani also said that the new UAE directive would prevent Philippine labour attachés in Dubai and Abu Dhabi from verifying and attesting the HSW standard employment contract required by the POEA for processing deployment of HSWs.

"Officers of the association were advised that only the standard HSW employment contract will be honoured by the POEA for deployment to the UAE and that any violation of the HSW package will merit the cancellation of the license of the agency," noted Geslani.

In a circular in June 15, the UAE labour ministry asked officials to instruct manpower offices hiring domestic servants in the UAE to adhere to the new contract model form when dealing with domestic workers.

The ministry also asked them to strictly adhere to the unified labour contract, which was enforced this month.