Philippines military captures Abu Sayyaf camp in Sulu

MANILA, Philippines-An Abu Sayyaf camp in Sulu was captured by members of Philippine Marines early Monday.

"The camp was reportedly one of the ASG havens where consolidations, meetings and training of their new young recruits are being conducted," said 2nd Marine Brigade commander Brigadier General Martin Pinto said.

The Marines were able to seize the camp at sitio (sub-village) Kan Jimao in Patikul at about 5 a.m.

Pinto said the camp has 50 makeshift huts that can accommodate 100 bandits.

"It has a good water source and the whole area is concealed under a thickly vegetated forest. The camp is heavily fortified with bunkers while individual foxholes are strategically emplaced and scattered in different defensive positions," Pinto said.

The camp is also used as "a staging and rendezvous area" for their kidnapping incidents. The ASG is known for their kidnapping and extortion cases.

"By employing a very well directed artillery fires from 81milimeter mortars, the Marines were able to force the ASG to abandon the camp and withdraw towards different directions," Pinto said.

One was reportedly hurt from the Abu Sayyaf Group because of mortal shelling, but was taken away by his comrades that fled.

Pursuit and clearing operations are being conducted by the government forces, Pinto said.