Pig born in China with a face like a monkey has people baffled

A pig with a face that resembles a monkey has been born in China and is baffling both locals and the Internet, say media reports.

Photos show the mutant piglet appears to have a monkey's head, a small snout and a protruding lower jaw.

It is believed to be just a deformity though - not any sort of DNA experiment crossing pigs with monkeys, according to the Independent.

Photo: Reuters

Experts, however, believe environmental pollution may have played a role in the pig's peculiar appearance, the Sun newspaper reports.

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The creature was born in Zhijin, in Guizhou province of China. According to Sina, it was one of eight recently born to a family in a village local to the area and can be seen in Reuters news agency photos being fed by its owner.

Another "mutant" pig born in China with two snouts and three eyes was recently posted online. Its owner said they had been rearing the piglet since it was born. Environmental pollution is thought to be to blame in that case too, although it has not been proven. In the video the animal is seen with other piglets and it's mother tries to pick it up.

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This article was first published on Dec 09, 2016.
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