Police detain student in Lombok for possession of bullets

The government has proclaimed that Indonesia is safe despite a travel advisory issued by the Australian government that urges its citizens to be cautious of possible terrorist attacks in Indonesia.
PHOTO: Reuters

The police have detained a 16-year-old male student at Lombok International Airport in West Nusa Tenggara for the possession of three bullets.

According to the West Nusa Tenggara Police's public relations head, AKBP Tri Budi Pangastuti, the student, Fajar Haitami, was on his way to take a Lion Air flight to Surabaya on Thursday around 2:30 p.m. when, during a security check, he jokingly told a friend that there was a bomb in his bag. An airport officer who heard the statement immediately took Fajar into a security office to investigate further.

During the examination, security officers found three 5.56-calibre bullets - one with a TG code and two with LO codes - inside Fajar's bag.

Fajar, from Ampenan district in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara, said he was a student at Yarsi Mataram Institute of Health Sciences (Stikes) and was on his way to Malang with his friend to undertake nursing training.

He also said that he had found the three bullets during a riot in Bima regency in 2014.

"We are currently checking on his story," Tri Budi told Antara news agency on Friday, adding that Fajar had been taken to the Central Lombok Police station for further investigation.


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