Police trace donors of Indonesians going to Syria

File photo of ISIS supporters.

JAKARTA - National Police deputy police chief Comr. Gen. Badrodin Haiti said that the force has identified a suspected donor who funded the flight of a group of Indonesians arrested while attempting to cross the Turkish border to Syria.

The group of 16 persons had been arrested in the Turkish border city of Gaziantep, 97 kilometers north of Aleppo, Syria, after attempting to join the Islamic State movement.

"I can't disclose the details [of the donor] yet, because we are still confirming whether he is related to the terrorism network," said Badrodin on Sunday as quoted by detik.com.

The government has sent a team to Turkey to get more information about the group and another one that also allegedly tried to join the movement and went missing in Istanbul.

Badrodin said it is too early to conclude anything since the group that was arrested in Gaziantep irregularly consisted of mostly women and children.

"[The women and children] travel with no men. [We don't know] whether [their husbands and fathers are] in Syria or not. So their motives are still not clear," he said.

Badrodin also revealed that one woman and two children from the group are reportedly the wife and children of Muhammad Hidayat, a member of the Poso network, who died in an ambush in Tulungagung regency, East Java, in 2013.