'Pork princess' of Taipei

With her stunning looks and a smile to die for, Miss Zhang Caijie, 25, looks out of place working as a butcher in a market.

The former philosophy student has become an Internet sensation after netizens uploaded photos of her working in her family's stall in Taipei's Dongmen Market, Mail Online reported.

She is now known as the "Pork Princess" and seems to have injected some dose of glamour into the otherwise dreary profession.


She now has admirers turning up at the market asking: "How much meat do we have to buy before you give us your phone number?"

Even mothers and grandmothers have visited the stall to introduce their sons and grandchildren to her, making her the most popular attraction there, the People's Daily Online reported.

"They ask me if I have a boyfriend, which school am I studying at, as well as other details," Miss Zhang was quoted as saying.

"It's quite embarrassing actually. They tell me that girls who work for their family are good girls and that they like this type of girl." She added: "One guy tried to pressure me into adding him as a friend online but I simply refused."

She said her family are third-generation butchers and that she decided to work there after taking a break from her studies at Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan's ETTV quoted her as saying.

Miss Zhang said she is not too keen on her nickname given by her admirers, and said even her friends now call her "pork sister".

She has not let fame go to her head, and continues to work at the family's butcher stall.

An elderly stallholder, who has watched Miss Zhang grow up, said she had always been a "good girl" with a "strong spirit" who has been working in the market despite the unappealing surroundings.

The hazardous nature of the job means she has cut herself quite often.

She said: "The pig trotters are really big, as are the bones, so my family will not let me use the large cleavers."

This article was first published on May 22, 2015.
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