Pregnant woman who saved daughter's life in accident to lose unborn child

A pregnant woman who saved her daughter's life by shielding her in a road accident will now have to go through an abortion and have her right leg amputated.

According to Sina news, the 26-year-old woman, her husband and their two-year-old daughter were riding on a motorcycle when it collided with a concrete mixer which was turning right on a road in Zhejiang, China on Feb 27.

As their bodies were dragged under the truck's wheels, the woman, who is five months pregnant, quickly pulled her daughter under her own body to shield her.

While the girl escaped unharmed, the woman's leg was crushed by the truck. Her husband, who was also dragged under the truck, also sustained injuries to his right leg.

Photo: Video screengrab

She was later told that she had to undergo an emergency amputation. But the emergency procedure and medication required for treatment would mean that she would lose her unborn baby as well.

When reporters visited her in the hospital on Mar 1, a relative of the woman told them that the young mother was still unaware that she would be losing her unborn child, Sina reported.

A migrant worker from Yunnan, the woman's husband is reportedly worried about who will look after his daughter while his wife undergoes treatment. At the same time, the mounting medical bill is also causing him to feel anxious.

Police told local media that both the cement truck driver and the woman's husband are believed to be at fault - the truck driver for failing to give way to the motorcycle, and the motorcyclist for riding a bike without a license and travelling in the wrong lane.