Pretty American tourist arrested after wrecking 13 vehicles in Thailand

An American tourist was arrested in Pattaya on Sunday after wreaking havoc on the road, crashing into 13 vehicles and causing two minor injuries.

The female driver, 29, led police on a 30-minute chase against local traffic before finally being caught.

The incident began in East Pattaya's Soi Siam Country Club. The driver crashed into a motorbike, but refused to stay at the scene of the accident.

She continued driving onto Sukhumvit Road against oncoming traffic.

Wreaking havoc on the road, the wrong-way driver hit 12 other vehicles with police hot on her trail. Two minor injuries were reported. Police apprehended the driver after shooting out the vehicle's tires.

After refusing to open the vehicle's door, police broke the front passenger window and arrested the woman behind the wheel. The driver was brought Pattaya police station and initially refused to answer any questions regarding the incident.

A crowd of angry damaged-car owners and onlookers followed the woman to the police station. Some tried to assault her, while others shouted inappropriate comments towards her.

Police issued the woman a hefty fine, and ordered her to pay for all of the damages caused to vehicles. The woman will also be responsible for paying the injured persons' medical bills.

The woman says she regrets her actions and simply panicked after hitting the first motorbike, reported Thai Visa News.

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