Pricey gifts for canine get netizens howling

THE son of Asia's richest man Wang Jianlin has posted pictures online, showing his dog wearing an Apple Watch on each front leg.

The photo triggered an uproar among netizens in China, with some expressing envy and others, scorn.

According to local media reports, the pictures appeared on Monday in the Sina Weibo account of Wang Sicong's female Alaskan malamute, which is called Wang Keke.

The account was started by its owner last year.

The post read: "I should have four watches since I have four legs. But that would look boorishly flashy. Can't be less than two as that would diminish my status... Do you people have what I have?"

Mr Wang, 27, is a director in his father's Dalian Wanda conglomerate, which is China's biggest developer. In an earlier post, the dog was pictured with another expensive gift - a Fendi bag.

Mr Wang's lavish ways prompted a netizen to comment: "Being rich does not mean you can be wilful. Be careful as your excesses will invite punishment."

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