Principal suspended after girl, 8, dies from apparent malnutrition

Taipei city Mayor Hau Lung-bin.

TAIPEI - The Taipei City Government yesterday announced the latest disciplinary action issued toward three public service individuals in the case of an 8-year-old girl who died from apparent malnutrition.

In a statement, Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin announced that Hulu Elementary School Principal Chi Lu-jen is suspended from all duties and will undergo investigation by the Public Functionary Disciplinary Sanction Commission.

Taipei City Government Department of Civil Affairs commissioner Huang Lu Ching-Ju also stated, that director Hwang Wen Ting of the Shilin District Office will be demerited for her lack of attention as a member of the Mandatory Enrollment Committee.

Director Lin Ping Jsung of the Zhongshan District Office will be demerit as well said the commissioner, for his poor implementation of regulations and policies .

Hau also condemned the process of verification conducted by district and household registration offices in both districts.

The failure of the Hulu Elementary School to notify proper authorities said the mayor, is also an important problem which resulted in the incident, and is why necessary penalties have been issued.

Chi however, stated that negligence could be observed in each link of the process and that it is both cruel and unjust to attribute the majority of the responsibilities to Hulu Elementary School.

In response to the support of Chi from the Hulu Elementary School PTA, Hau responded that he will respect the opinions of the PTA, yet related negligence of the case will still be punished in accordance with administrative procedures.

Chu Urges Collaboration

During the press release following the New Taipei City Municipal Meeting, New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu called a mass review in all New Taipei City departments, and requested an update on the follow-up of "students who failed to enroll in school" cases in the city.

Chu used the 8-year-old girl case in Taipei as the case in point, stating that the girl had died from apparent malnutrition after failing to be reported for not being enrolled in school.

Mechanisms which are designed for high-risk families should be activated said Chu, and should always be prepped to work with policing related mechanisms.

Inter-bureau cooperation should also be available at all times, so that proper communications could be maintained during family relocations the mayor said, so as to prevent the safety of a high-risk child from slipping through the net.

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