Prized cow sold for $40,400

INDIA - A Farmer bought a cow for Rs250,000 (S$40,442) two years ago and sold it recently for Rs2.5mil, Makkal Osai reported.

After Kapoor Singh from Singhwa Khas village in Haryana, North India, had bought the cow named Lakshmi, she yielded 22.5 litres of milk daily. Her highest milk yield in one day was 28 litres.

Lakshmi, which was judged the best cow at a cattle fair earlier this year, has so far bagged prizes worth Rs300,000 in milk yield and other contests. One of its calves was sold for Rs300,000.

Another farmer, Rajiv Sarpanch, from Andhra Pradesh, offered to buy the cow for Rs1.9mil about two months ago but Kapoor Singh refused and quoted the exorbitant price of Rs2.5mil as he did not want to sell her. However, the buyer agreed to buy at that record price.