Professor sentenced to a year in rehab

PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons

A former vice rector and Law School professor of Makassar's Hasanuddin University (Unhas), Musakkir, was found guilty of drug abuse by judges at the Makassar District Court on Tuesday and sentenced to a year of rehabilitation.

The panel of judges, presided by Andi Cakra Alam and panel members Suparman Nyompa and Ibrahim Palino, ordered the defendant to undergo rehab at the South Sulawesi National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Center in Badokka, Makassar.

"The defendant is found guilty beyond reasonable doubt of having abused drugs," said Cakra.

The sentence was lighter than that sought by prosecutors of 18 months.

The defendant was found guilty of using crystal methamphetamine with five other defendants, namely Unhas Law School lecturer Ismail Alrif, private employee Andi Syansuddin, Harianto, and two private university female students, Nilam Ummi Qalbi and Ainum Nakiyah.

Nilam and Ainum, who received the same indictment as Musakkir, were also sentenced to a year in rehab, while Ismail, Syansuddin and Harianto were sentenced to 18 months.