Public facilities in Bali to be written in Balinese alphabet

PHOTO: Reuters

A number of public facility names in Bali will be written in Balinese script, adhering to a local regulation on the use of the Balinese language, alphabet and literature.

Bali Legislative Council (DPRD) commission head I Nyoman Parta told Antara on Monday, "The previous regulation contains material that is still relevant, irrelevant and those not managed according to its time. This is why we have carried out the revision."

According to the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) politician, in the regulation revision, the government's responsibility to preservation and training regarding the Balinese language, alphabet and literature will include the preparation of curriculum, books and teaching materials.

"[The revision] also includes the use of Balinese alphabet in public spaces, such as street signs, governmental offices and also the use of refined Balinese language in several occasions in schools, public spaces and offices," Parta said in a plenary session that discussed the regulation revision.

Balinese language instructors assigned to local villages will also be regulated in the revision, said Parta, "The Balinese language instructors have until now been regulated by a gubernatorial decree. They've done a good job. For example, they have identified about 8,000 different lontar (palm leaf) manuscript with various content."

The instructors, said Parta, had also found a number of folklores in villages. The revision of the regulation is hoped to result in the rewriting and republishing of the folklore.

Private entities are also hoped to use Balinese script on their buildings and refined Balinese language for certain occasions, also via corporate social responsibility funds to support the preservation of the Balinese language, alphabet and literature. (asw)