Python bites Chinese tourist after she kisses it during show

A tourist was bitten by a python at a live show in Phuket. She received eight stitches before flying home on Sunday (Jan 10).
PHOTO: Youtube screengrabs

PHUKET - A python bit a Chinese tourist yesterday (Jan 9), prompting actions on venues in the province which draw tourists with animal shows.

Police visited Phuket Biotechnology Co Ltd's office on Sunday, following the video on YouTube that showed the tourist Jin Jing bending down close to the python and being bitten. She received eight stitches before flying home today.

The company draws tourists with a snake show and snake products.

Kritiporn Phumkunchorn, general manager of the company, said the tourist tried to kiss the snake and she understood that it was an accident. The company would temporarily suspend the operations and train staff of safety measures, Kritiporn said.

The operators of animal-show venues in the province will be summoned soon, to outline long-term safety measures.