Quick-witted motorcyclist gives snatch thief a 'getaway ride' to the police

GUANGXI, China - A snatch thief who hopped onto a stranger's motorbike for a quick getaway after snatching a woman's purse found himself taken straight to a police station.

According to a report on Shanghaiist, a motorcyclist who was alerted to the theft had followed the culprit and offered him a ride.

The thief, who was eager to leave the crime scene, accepted the offer.

Surveillance camera footage dated April 12 showed a motorcycle carrying two men riding into a police station.

Guangxi News Network reported that the motorcyclist had yelled "Arrest the thief!" while riding into the police station. The thief sitting on the rear seat immediately hopped off the motorcycle once he realised where he was taken to.

Two alert police officers stepped out of the guardhouse and stopped the thief from escaping. A few more men came forward shortly after to restrain the struggling man while one of them hurriedly closed the main gate.

As the police officers arrested the resisting thief, the good samaritan rode out of the police station.

The timestamp of the video showed that the drama unfolded over two minutes.