Rohingya refugees rally at US consulate

Dozens of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar, accompanied by members of Islamic organisations, held a rally in front of the US Consulate in Medan, North Sumatra, on Tuesday.

They addressed the crowd and demanded that the US stop violence by Buddhists in Myanmar. The Rohingyas also demanded that the US pressure the Myanmarese government to stop the genocide which has been taking place for years.

According to them, ethnic cleansing and various forms of violence are still being experienced by Muslim Rohingyas. They demanded the US and Indonesian governments immediately stop humanitarian crimes and human rights violations against the ethnic Rohingya community.

"We demand that the US and Indonesian governments help us. The mass killings and violence are still taking place as of today. Thousands of Rohingya have sought asylum in a number of countries and most of them have remained under the threat of murder which could take place at anytime," said refugee Sayyed Husein in Medan.

Husein added that the International Court of Justice should immediately interfere and arrest the perpetrators of humanitarian crimes in Myanmar who had killed Rohingya Muslims. He also expected Myanmarese President Than Shein to be put on trial for allowing the crimes against humanity to take place in the country he led.