Run for Your Lives Asia: Look scary in a jiffy

For for the Halloween edition of the zombie race, Run For Your Lives Asia, close to 700 participants have to be made up as the undead.

To do this quickly and efficiently, organiser Action X has tied up with The School of Make-up to produce an assembly line style process that will see each participant made up in 10 minutes.

About 50 make-up artists will be involved. Miss Grace-Sasha Ng, the director of marketing in Action X, said: "It took us about 1½ months before we could get the make-up down pat - it had to be done quickly, but had to look realistic too."

The process consists of four stations. The first station is where the participants get their "corpse colour".

"We need to make sure that they don't have healthy pink cheeks," said Miss Ng. The second stop is where participants get sunken eyes and hollow cheeks.

Fake blood 

The third station is where chipping takes place. Chipping refers to the process of splattering fake blood participants' faces.The last station is where fake blood is splashed across their bodies as a finishing touch before they set off.

Participants, split into three different shifts (2pm, 3.30pm and 5pm), have to be there two hours before the shift to get the make-up done.

Tickets have been selling fast, and since the intake for zombie runners are smaller than the "survivors", there are only 200 slots left for people keen on registering.

Miss Ng said: "We work with a ratio of 75:25, where 75 per cent are the survivors and the 25 per cent, the zombies." Run For Your Lives was started in the US by Reed Street Productions in 2011 as a 3km to 5km adventure run with three signature obstacles.

While trying to navigate through the obstacles, runners have to avoid zombies which will be hiding along the route to grab flags from their flagbelts.

There is no need to train for this event, said Miss Ng. "It is good if they can do light jogs just to keep the heart rate going, but the good thing about the event is that the obstacles are not compulsory."


What: Run For Your Lives Asia - Halloween Edition

When: Oct 25, noon to 8pm

Where: Wesr Coast Park, The Grand Lawn

Tickets : $89.90 per person, $69.90 per person in a group of four or more.  Register at

This article was published on Sept 10 in The New Paper.

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