S Korean man charged for stealing $37,000 from hospitalised girlfriend

PHOTO: Pixabay

A man in his 30s was booked without detention on the alleged charge of theft, stealing his hospitalized girlfriend‘s credit card, bankbook and expensive goods, Busan Dongnae police said Monday. 

The man is accused of breaking and entering into his girlfriend’s house and stealing 1.15 million won (S$1,419) worth of cash and jewelry on Jan. 29. He is also accused of withdrawing a total of 30 million won (S$37,000) from her bank account over 22 occasions.

It is said the two first met through a dating app three months ago. The suspect committed theft after his girlfriend was hospitalized from a car accident, according to the police. 

Upon realizing that the victim had filed a theft report, the man reportedly threatened the victim by saying, “Why would you call the police? I am going to return the money. I won‘t leave you alone.”