S Korean police to investigate death of video streamer in live broadcast

PHOTO: Reuters file

A South Korean video streamer in her 30s died by suicide during a live broadcast in Busan on Monday, leaving her fans stunned. Fans said that the creator was in a live broadcast at 2 p.m. Monday, when she suddenly jumped out of her eighth floor apartment window. Witnesses immediately called the emergency services for help. The streamer was taken to a nearby hospital, but died an hour later. 

During Monday’s broadcast, the victim reportedly complained of a splitting headache due to an ongoing lawsuit and felt there was “no more reasons to live.” When some fans laughed at her comment and mocked her, she suddenly leaped from her apartment window, along with her pet. 

It is reported that the streamer recently got divorced and suffered from depression. 

Busan police plan to investigate the case, while asking the related online company to provide a copy of the recorded video.

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