S. Korean teacher found guilty of lewd acts in front of students

A Busan court on Sunday said it found a male high school teacher guilty of lewd behavior allegations and issued him a fine. The monetary sentence, however, has been suspended.  The teacher in his 50s was accused of confiscating his 17-year-old student’s mobile phone and placing it in and out of his underwear about 10 times at the high school where he was teaching in March 2017. 

As some 60 students encircled him, the teacher reportedly undid his belt, put the student’s phone in his underwear and swung his hips back-and-forth. 

A month following the incident, students claimed that the teacher took a 25-centimeter rod that seemingly “looked like a penis” and forced them to touch it after attaching it in front of his private area. 

The court acknowledged the students’ claims and ordered the teacher to pay a 2 million won ($2,499) fine with an execution probation.