Scary things happened while filming horror movie 'Jailangkung'

It is not unusual for scary things to happen on the set of a horror film.

Stars of Indonesian fright flick Jailangkung Amanda Rawles and Jefri Nichols can attest to that.

During an interview in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Amanda shared one of the scary incidents that happened while they were filming.

"We shot one of our scenes at a hospital late at night. When the crew was getting ready to go home, they went into the lift and clicked on the button for basement. For some reason, the lift would only stop at a certain floor instead of going to the basement. The floor that the lift stopped at was where the morgue is," Amanda, 17, said.

At the same hospital, 18-year-old Jefri said they shot a scene with a child actress dressed as a demon haunting a hapless Amanda in the dark stairway.

Someone in the hospital saw the child and said something Jeffri couldn't forget.

"So, this guy said our make-up team did such an excellent job with the child actress because she was said to resemble the one people have seen around the hospital!" he said.

All these spooky tales around the set helped Amanda get into character: "(These stories) helped because as you can see in the movie, I looked scared because I was genuinely afraid."

She also recalled an eerie feeling while shooting in a huge mansion situated in the middle of nowhere.

"There is a big pool inside the house for some reason. I realised that we had shot in a hospital, in the jungle and at a cemetery … but that house was the scariest place," Amanda noted.

Jefri said that the lights always flickered when they were shooting at the mansion: "People said that it was a ghost who was trying to make its presence felt."

In the movie, a man (Lukman Sardi) uses a jailangkung - doll-shaped device - to call upon the spirit of his dead wife.

Of course it doesn't go well for the man as he ends up inviting evil spirits into the world instead.

To stop the evil spirits from preying on his family, the man has to go through a set of mystical rituals to send the spirits back.

Amanda was initially scared to shoot scenes with the jailangkung: "The production crew assured us it was safe because someone had blessed the set. Fortunately, nothing bad happened."

Jailangkung is major box-office success in Indonesia, drawing in more than two million viewers when it was released in June.

Amanda said she would bravely go through real-life scary incidents again for a sequel if audiences want to watch more of the film.

"If it means another two million viewers, why not?" she said with a laugh.

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