See Hangzhou's glory with SilkAir

West Lake and its many natural wonders have entranced visitors for centuries, inspiring poets to pen odes to its beauty.

Even though China is growing ever more modernised, some places retain their old-world charm and scenic glory.

To experience the beauty and elegance of traditional China, you can fly to Hangzhou with SilkAir. The city is SilkAir's eighth destination in China.

The capital of Zhejiang province, it is well-known for its breathtaking scenery and impressive cultural sites.

The city offers a wide range of activities for everyone, from sightseeing around the famous West Lake to feasting on the region's culinary delicacies.

A Unesco World Heritage Site, the lake is the focal point of Hangzhou. To catch the best views of this water wonderland, you can join a cruise to explore its vast expanse. Even a leisurely stroll through the area will delight visitors - it is equally gorgeous at dawn or dusk.

The Six Harmonies Pagoda is another must-see in Hangzhou. A marvel of Chinese architecture, it appears to be 13 storeys high, even though it has only seven interior storeys. Visitors can ascend the pagoda to enjoy a spectacular view of the Qiantang River Bridge.

What's a holiday if you don't try the region's cuisine? In between your excursions, be sure to sample the culinary offerings.

Hangzhou is well known for its Longjing - or Dragon Well - tea. Other local specialities include Dongpo rou, braised pork cubes served in individual claypots, and lotus root stuffed with glutinous rice and drizzled with honey.

SilkAir flies four times a week between Hangzhou and Singapore.

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