Selfless woman who cared for paralysed man for 37 years touches Chinese hearts

For 37 years, this woman from Fujian, China, has dedicated her life towards taking care of a paralysed man.

Even more amazingly, he isn't her son or related to her in any way.

According to Chinese media reports, 37 years ago Madam Zhuang Moli was hired as a nanny by a couple who had returned to their hometown in Jinjiang, Fujian province to give birth.

Unfortunately, the boy was paralysed from birth and suffered from muscular atrophy, causing him to be extremely thin. Only his brain grew at a normal rate, earning him the nickname "Big Head".

But when he was just a month old, the boy's parents decided to abandon their own child and return to Hong Kong, and were never heard from again.

At the time, life was tough for Madam Zhuang, who already had four children of her own. But she did not have the heart to leave the poor child, and so decided to bring him home to raise him.

Since then, she has unstintingly taken care of him for nearly four decades.

When "Big Head" was eight, Madam Zhuang's husband died from an illness, making the situation even worse as the family lost their only source of income.

Madam Zhuang was unable to find work due to her adopted son's condition, and had to rely on government subsidies and income that she earned from collecting trash to make ends meet, reported Shanghaiist.

Life remains difficult for Madam Zhuang. Her eldest son is unmarried and lives in a temple, while her youngest son and daughter both also suffer from mental disorders. Her second son has asked her to come live with his family, but she has turned him down because she is worried about how moving would affect "Big Head".

Today, Madam Zhuang is 81 and her health has begun to deteriorate slightly, but she remains dedicated to her adopted son.

According to, Madam Zhuang recently had to be hospitalised due to an illness. She was willing to go to the hospital only after repeated assurances from her family that they would take care of the boy. She also refused to stay any longer than necessary and returned home immediately once recovered.

Upon hearing her story, a local reporter asked Madam Zhuang why she was still willing to take care of "Big Head" after so many years and so many hardships.

She replied: "Even chickens and ducks deserve to be saved, what more a person? Once I met him, I knew I could never give up."

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