Serial rapist blamed for new attack on elderly woman

NAKHON PATHOM - A man who broke into a house in Nakhon Pathom early yesterday raped an elderly woman and stole valuables - crimes that police believe are linked to nine other rapes.

Before the latest case came to light, police had already begun to focus on trying to catch the serial offender.

Most of his victims were aged in their 70s, and two were murdered.

"We will scour the area within a 10 kilometre radius from the latest crime scene in a bid to nail the culprit," Assistant National Police Commissioner Lt-General Sopon Pisuttiwong said yesterday.

He spoke after leading a team of officers to inspect the house of the latest victim, 73.

"We expect to arrest the suspect soon," Sopon said. He said evidence suggested the attacker may be the serial rapist police have been chasing.

On Saturday, police publicly |disclosed they were hunting the offender.

"According to his victims, he is about 170 centimetres tall and in his 40s. He is robust and strong," Sopon said.

Speaking from his home by a canal in Nakhon Pathom's Nakhon Chaisi district, the 43-year-old son of the latest victim said he slept in his paddy field yesterday because a pump was turned on.

"I was just about 300 metres away," he said.

He said he was deeply shocked when he saw his mother exit the house in tears in the middle of the night.

"She told me a man broke into the house, entered her bedroom, and raped her at knifepoint," he said, adding that the attacker stole valuables and killed the family's dog with poison.

He said the offender took a gold-framed amulet, a cell-phone and Bt5,000 in cash.

"My mother saw part of his face. He partially removed his hood during her ordeal," the son said.