Shamans offer services to aid search efforts for missing AirAsia flight

Shamans in Indonesia have offered their expertise to help find the missing AirAsia flight QZ8501.

According to Malaysia Mail Online, the shamans have described the waters near Indonesia's Belitung island where the plane is believed to have lost contact as 'supernatural'.

Leader of the shamans in Belitung Mukhi Maarif said that they were waiting for an official invitation from officials.

Said Mukhi Maarif: "(We) have to wait for an official request to prevent biased opinions about dukun (shamans). Until this moment, we have yet to be involved. We are ready to help."

He also claimed that shamans have found the final resting place of the missing AirAsia flight but rituals are required to verify their prediction.

The leader of the Shamans continued: "The aircraft fell because there was mechanical failure. At this moment, the aircraft is in the ocean near the corals, in the eastern waters of Pulau Nangka.

"The district of Belitung, whether it is on land, in the sea or air, is filled with supernatural matters."

Officials in Indonesia turned down the shamans' offer to help, stating that this was not a standard procedure utilised by the search team.

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