Singaporean Muslims observe Eid Al-Adha in Batam

Many Singaporean Muslims chose to observe the Muslim day of sacrifice festival, Eid Al-Adha on Batam island, to be with their family and to watch the slaughtering process.

Batam tourism agency head Yusfa Hendri said three groups of Singaporean Muslims - around 50 people - had donated three cows and 50 goats to the Batam Grand Mosque.

"We support this kind of initiative," he said on Tuesday.

Wan Sarifah, a Singaporean Muslim, said he observed the festival in Batam because many of his relatives lived there.

"Besides, here [in Batam] we can watch the slaughtering," he said.

One head of beef can be as high as Rp 25 million (S$2760) while a goat costs around Rp 2 million. By comparison, a goat in Singapore costs roughly S$465 or around Rp 3.5 million.