Situation in Bangkok under control: Thai foreign ministry

The Foreign Ministry told foreign diplomats Tuesday that the government was able to handle the situation after the deadly blast on Monday night.

"I invited members of the diplomatic corps. This is an explanation session, not a press conference. I haven't given them any new information apart from what was televised last night," Norachit Sinhaseni, the Foreign Ministry's permanent secretary said.

Norachit added that he had not go into details regarding investigation, as it was being conducted by security officials and he was not in a position to elaborate.

At the moment, Norachit said he had already instructed all Thai embassies and consulates worldwide to provide details about measures taken by the government regarding the investigation and assistance provided to the victims.

"The Foreign Ministry is here to coordinate and facilitate, in case foreigners are victims of this incident," Norachit said, adding that the Justice and Tourism and Sports Ministries would be responsible for compensation.

The permanent secretary also said the Tourism and Sports Ministry had set up a war room to closely monitor the situation.

"So far, the government has not declared a state of emergency," Norachit said, adding that none of the foreign embassies had asked for additional security.

Norachit added that the Foreign Ministry would regularly issue statements to keep the foreign community apprised of the situation.

When asked if the capital was still safe for tourists, he said, "I still feel it is safe for tourists."