Soak up the sun in lively Kalibo

Bored with and worn out by life in busy Singapore? Try rejuvenating yourself in Kalibo, SilkAir's newest destination in the Philippines.

Kalibo is SilkAir's third destination in the Philippines after Cebu and Davao. The capital of Aklan province and gateway to the idyllic Boracay island, Kalibo offers a range of activities for everybody, from exploring mangroves to soaking in the local culture and relaxing on beaches.

Have an eye for nature? Explore the Kalibo Mangrove (Bakhawan) Ecotourism Park, one of the most successful mangrove reforestation projects in the Philippines. Known as the Green Pearl of the Orient, the award-winning park is home to diverse swamp and marine life.

Visitors can also immerse themselves in culture by taking part in the yearly Ati-atihan Festival, held on the third Sunday of January. The indigenous Ati people would parade in vibrant and colourful costumes in Kalibo's streets to the sounds of lively tribal music.

Or do you just want to chill and de-stress? Then drop by Boracay island, which is famed for its white sandy beaches and pristine waters.

Visitors can choose from the many resorts dotted around the island's more than 10 distinctive beaches and soak in some of the clearest sea waters in the world. Adrenalin junkies can take part in activities such as beach-hopping, diving or kiteboarding.

From May 27, SilkAir will fly thrice weekly between Kalibo and Singapore, via a circular routing stop in Cebu.

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