South Korean TV show Law of The Jungle blasted for cooking protected Thai giant clams

Hat Chao Mai National Park in Trang province on Thursday lodged a police complaint against a South Korean television show after social media showed it allegedly using the Thai law-protected 'Hoy Meu Sua' Tridacna giant clams as a cooking ingredient.

Park head Narong Kong-iad filed the complaint at the Kantang Police Station against the "Law of the Jungle" reality-documentary show that airs on SBS channel. The alleged wrongdoing took place at Loh Udang Bay on Koh Mook where an actress harvested three 'Hoy Meu Sua' Tridacna giant clams to cook a meal.

The show's co-ordinating company, Sixth Element Co, had obtained the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation's permission to film the show at Kat Chao Mai Beach, Koh Waen and Koh Mook during March 29-April 3. The show's content showing the Tridacna giant clams has been seen on social media since June 30, prompting many Thai netizens to express concern this week.

Narong said his office had probed the matter via media, and informed the co-ordinating company to pass the message to SBS Broadcasting Centre that there had been a violation to the National Park Act BE 2504 (1961) and the Wild Animal Reservation and Protection Act, BE 2535 (1992).

Narong also noted that the clam-harvesting shot had taken place at Koh Mook's Loh Udang Bay - which was a different location from Koh Mook's Sabye Bay, which the company had obtained permission to use.

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