Southern Taiwan: Sun, Sand, Sea And Sports

In the southern end of Taiwan where the sun shines for an average of 200 hours a month, lies her busiest port and second largest city, Kaohsiung.

Though well-known for being an industrial area, Kaohsiung also holds many culinary and cultural charms.

With the High Speed Rail service, getting there from Taipei only takes 96 mins on the train.

For those who like the sea, a beach getaway is just a 2.5-hour drive away. Kenting, on the southernmost tip of Taiwan, has stretches of soft sandy beaches which play host to music festivals all year around.

Dapeng Bay

Spanning 3500m in length, Dapeng Bay is the largest lagoon on the southwestern coastline of Taiwan.

It used to be one of the biggest oyster farming centres in Taiwan. As part of the government's plan to develop tourism in the area, these farms have made way for both land and sea sports.

If you like the former, there are cycling and go-kart tracks, and even a motor sports circuit -thePenbay International Circuit.

For water babies, there are sailing and canoeing etc. Oyster lovers shouldn't miss Oyster Island - a man-made island in the Bay formed from oyster seashells discarded after the closure of the farms, as freshly shucked oysters are served there.


More water activities await you at this cluster of beaches, which are often likened to Hawaii.

Finding the same idyllic picture of coconut trees swaying in the ocean breeze, sea sports lovers will also be spoilt for variety when it comes to water activities such as scuba diving, surfing, and snorkeling.

There are also many family-friendly attractions such as the Kenting National Park.

The National Museum of Marine Biology boasts one of the largest aquariums in Asia, promising an educational time for little tykes.

Don't miss the whale shark while you are there!


A short drive away from Kenting, is the Sihjongsi hot spring area in Checheng (Pintung) county.

The hot spring water here is rich in odourless and colourless sodium bicarbonate, which is supposed to soothe sore muscles and moisturise skin. Check into one of the many hot spring resorts and book a massage.

Moreover, sample Checheng town's famous street foods such as free-range duck eggs and Taiwanese tau-suan with rice flour dumplings.


After all the beach hopping and sunbathing, it's time to head back to urban life in the second largest city in Taiwan.

Despite its industrial background, Kaohsiung has many cultural hot spots.

Contemporary art lovers will enjoy visiting the Pier 2 Art Centre, a hub of indoor and outdoor art galleries and museums housed in old warehouses at an unused wharf.

Despite its name, the Love River is not just for lovebirds. It offers beautiful views of sunrise and sunset.

A short gondola ride through it relaxes you as you see the lush riverbanks.

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