Spiralling building with lush vegetation in China must be the coolest kindergarten in the world

CHINA - This impressive building is an upcoming kindergarten called Xieli Garden in Wuxi, a city in the southern Jiangsu province.

The United Design Group (UDG) China has begun building the kindergarten, a spiraling three-storey structure whose sloping green roof wraps around a centralized courtyard.

It aims to create the ideal learning environment for children by providing them with lush vegetation and a direct connection to outdoor space.

Xieli Garden is located at the corner of a busy intersection surrounded by high-rise apartments, so architects placed the proposed outdoor playground and a flag-rose field at the centre of the oval-shaped courtyard with the curved ramp shielding the children from the traffic and city noise.

This ramp also reinforces safety by allowing quick access from the sidewalk to the third floor.

Each level of the building has floor-to-ceiling window glazing which bathes its rooms in natural light.

Also, nine rectangular skylights are placed along the green roof and add to the airy feel of the building. This school is slated for completion in 2015.

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