Surrogate mother falls for baby's dad

A surrogate mother has refused to get back together with her husband after she fell in love with the man who hired her to carry his baby, China Press reported.

The woman, known as Li, agreed to be a surrogate mother after being persuaded by her 31-year-old husband in Hunan, China.

The couple, who were paid 150,000 yuan (S$30,180), divorced before taking up the "task" offered by an infertile couple.

They planned to use the money to buy a house on completion of the "task".

However, Li fell in love with the man, who hired her to carry his baby, because he took good care of her during her pregnancy.

Li wanted to marry the man after the baby was born but he stressed that he looked after her only because she was pregnant with his child.

Li's former husband regretted what he had done and hoped she would re-marry him.