Survey shows Cambodia’s balanced sex ratio

Cambodians visit temples during the 15-day Pchum Ben, or Festival of the Dead, to offer prayers to loved ones who have passed away.
PHOTO: Reuters

PHNOM PENH -The Cambodia Socio-Economic Survey 2014 has revealed the balanced sex ratio in the country, according to the state news agency-AKP.

The total population of Cambodia is 15.18 million, up from 13.72 million in the previous survey in 2009, and among them, 7.43 million are men and 7.74 million are women, show the results, AKP quoted the survey's results released here on Oct. 7 under the presidency of Chhay Than, Senior Minister and Minister of Planning.

In total, there are 3.26 million households, of them only 0.69 million are living in the urban areas, and the active population aged from 15-64 years old is about 8.25 million. - See more at:'s-balanced-sex-ratio-9023#sthash.wWg2Dc5z.dpuf