Suspect in child molest case sexually abused during youth

The main entrance of Jakarta International School in Jakarta.

Jakarta Police revealed on Sunday that one of the suspects arrested in connection to the molestation of a six-year-old kindergarten student at Jakarta International School (JIS) had been sexually abused when he was young.

Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said that Zainal Abidin, 28, one of the two suspects that had tested positive for herpes, had been abused when he was a child.

"According to the suspect's statement, he had been raped by a member of his community at age five and again at age 14, allegedly by a Westerner," Rikwanto said at the police headquarters on Sunday.

Rikwanto explained that the suspect had said that when he was 14, he had been lured into a car by an expatriate man in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. The man allegedly raped Zainal and paid him Rp 20,000 (S$2.20) to keep silent.

On Saturday, the police confirmed that six suspects had been named in relation to the case, which was uncovered on April 14.

Five suspects, Agun Iskandar, Virgiawan Amin, Zainal Abidin, Syahrial and Afrischa Setyani, were present during a press conference held at the Jakarta Police headquarters. However, they had their faces covered. The sixth suspect, Azwar, died while in the custody of the police at its Women and Children's Unit while the conference was going on.

Rikwanto said that Azwar had been the final suspect to be arrested. He was brought for questioning at the Jakarta Police headquarters on Saturday morning and admitted to his involvement in one of the incidents.

Azwar allegedly committed suicide by drinking the cleaning liquid Porstex, which is made from hydrochloric acid, found inside the bathroom. He was pronounced dead on Saturday afternoon at Kramat Jati Police Hospital in East Jakarta.

Furthermore, the police revealed that the six perpetrators had abused the same student on five separate occasions from February to March in the same toilets at the school. The suspects took turns abusing the child and worked systematically and cooperatively in carrying out and covering up the acts.

Police are also looking into the suspects' statements, as they admitted to abusing two other students on March 20.

"We are investigating their recollections of March 20, as they said that they had raped two other students, which they did not recognise," Rikwanto said.

He also elaborated that the six suspects had only met through working at PT ISS. According to Rikwanto on Sunday, two suspects, Zainal and Awan, had allegedly been sexual partners since late 2013.

When the police asked the perpetrators why the same student was targeted a total of five times, they said that they thought they could get away with it as nobody had noticed.