Suthep to unblock Bangkok and return traffic space to Bangkokians Monday

In what he called re-adjusting strategy to bring down Thaksin Regime and return traffic space for Bangkokians, rally leader Suthep Thaugsuban on Friday declared the end of Bangkok Shutdown from Monday.

However pressure on Shinawatra businesses will be increased, he said. All rally sites at Rajprasong, Pathumwan and Asoke will be dissolved and moved to Lumpini Park where there are buildings and meeting rooms, Suthep said.

However he did not mention about a rally site at Government Complex on Chang Wattana Road which is supervised by a senior monk; Phra Buddha Issara.

"We will stop closing Bangkok and give every intersection back to Bangkokians. We will stop closing Bangkok from Monday. I have to apologise business operators for disruptions to their activities and Bangkokians for making more traffic congestion during the Bangkok Shutdown," he said.

He hoped that after all roads are returned, Bangkokians will rethink how important what we are doing for the country and join us.

To do this did not mean that we gave up our fights to eradicate Thaksin Regime, we instead will raise the level of our rallies after this. "We will escalate our shutdown of government ministries and Shinawatra businesses. I do personally hope the game will be over by March," Suthep said.

The decision that surprised many came after series of attacks on the rally sites have escalated, claiming many lives and injuring many others.

He invited his supporters to join big cleaning day at any rally sites they prefer and later participate in the opening of Lumpini rally on Sunday. At Lumpini, there will be more concerts, food is as good as it used to be. There we will brainstorm on how to close down Shinawatra's businesses, he said.

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