Swedish tourist 'jumps' to his death in Bangkok

A Swedish man fell from a Bangkok condominium's 13th-floor balcony to his death yesterday morning, police said.

After learning of the death at 3am, police found the body of Jens Viktor Bengtsson, 24, in a neighbouring house. They also found no signs of struggle in the room he had been staying in.

Owner of the room, Stephen Riches, 49, from Britain, told police that he had found the man - who was supposed to return home last Monday - wandering in Khao San Road and decided to take him in. Riches said he contacted Bengtsson's relatives to come to pick him up, adding that the young man often threatened to take his own life and was stopped when he tried to jump to his death earlier.

However, on Friday night, Bengtsson went into a rage and even though Riches and his friend John Cristian tried to calm him down, the young man still managed to jump out of the balcony, Riches told police.

Police said they would perform an autopsy on the man's body to try to determine the cause of death.