Taipei 101 fireworks display kicks off '15 with night of performances

TAIPEI - Citizens enjoyed a night of celebrations yesterday with musical performances and the iconic Taipei 101 fireworks display kicking off the new year.

Musical performers at Taipei City's New Year's party included Show Luo, Jam Hsiao and twin YouTube starlets Zony and Yony.

Aboriginal, Hakka and Minnan-language music were blended with Western music for an exciting performance of ethnic medleys.

Accidents in Taipei December 31

Taipei City Fire Department reported a suspected case of a person falling into the valley beside Xiangshan mountain late yesterday. Firefighters were still searching the area as of press time. Xiangshan, the mountain that provides a spectacular view of the Taipei 101 tower, has become a popular spot for New Year fireworks watchers.

The Fire Department also received a call about a fire yesterday at Taipei Howard Hotel's fourth floor. Approximately 400 patrons were evacuated from the hotel and no one was reported hurt. The fire was extinguished within half an hour.

VieShow Cinemas at Taipei QSquare experienced a power outage caused by voltage dips yesterday afternoon. Taipower's investigation found that rats being electrocuted near the wiring caused the outage.

Tsai not Envious of Ko and Chu

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je broke an 18-year tradition by enjoying yesterday evening's New Year's Eve celebration in the section reserved for audience members.

Ko counted down to the start of the new year as an audience member accompanied by New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu.

When asked if Democratic Progressive Party Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen was jealous of Ko and Chu counting down together, Tsai said that the question underestimated her.

When asked about Ko and Chu's close relationship, Tsai said that it is very good that "double Taipei" has an amicable working relationship.

Tsai said that she celebrated New Year's Eve at home since opportunities to count down at home are few and far between for her.