Taipei has less than five-day supply of blood

TAIPEI, Taiwan - A lack of blood supply is causing difficulties for Taipei's blood services after the Chinese New Year holidays.

The Taipei Blood Center yesterday announced that its blood supply in the Greater Taipei area has less than five days' worth of blood left. The supply of Type O blood is particularly in dire need, with four days' supply remaining.

There has been a 30-per cent decline in number of donors over the period spanning the Chinese New Year's holidays, according to the centre.

Blood Center Division Chief Huang Gu-ying said that the low storage levels at hospitals may have an adverse impact on the safety of patients who need to use blood, according to the CNA. Usually, seven to 12 days of store is considered safe, Huang said. In particular, blood Type O is in low quantities and Huang says that since that there are numerous Type O people in Taiwan, she calls for them to come forth. However, Huang was careful to point out that people with colds or are otherwise not feeling well should not donate, according to the report.