Taipei most competitive city in Taiwan, again

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Taipei City Mayor Hau Lung-bin (郝龍斌) received an award yesterday morning from the founder of Global Vision Monthly (遠見雜誌), Charles Kao (高希均), to commemorate Taipei City's title as the most competitive city in Taiwan. This is the 2nd time the city received the honour.

Hau gave credit to the efforts of his colleagues and also to the support of citizens in Taipei City, all of whom made the city's success possible. Hau also shared his experiences as the mayor of Taipei City for the past seven years as well as his ideas of the future in the discussion after the ceremony.

Hau said the Taipei City Government did a lot of things that other city governments may not dare, or may not be willing to do because of the difficulty of the tasks. Although in the past Hau and his team were criticised a lot by opposition party counselors and citizens, he remarked with pleasure that the efforts of city administrators were not wasted. The great benefits of their work have finally come to fruition in recent years, he said.

"It is important to face the stress from opposing opinions and persist with what is right to do," said Hau.

Hau also pointed out that the central government should be determined in dealing with the issue of Cingjing Farm. Any negligence on their part will not only damage the environment, but also risk losing the people's support, he said.

Although Hau did not point out clearly what to do next in his political career, he told local media that he would love to do more for society. However, at this point "I want to focus on how I can make a difference in my last term as the mayor of Taipei City," said Hau.

As for the future mayoral elections in 2014, Hau simply said he has faith in the citizen's choice. Whoever is elected to be his successor will be well-qualified to do this job, said Hau.