Taitung: Verdant Vistas And Cerulean Seas

Taitung: Verdant Vistas And Cerulean Seas

Taitung is the ideal rural retreat for urbanites in search of a quiet respite. Located on the extreme east of the main island and just 3.5 hours away from Taipei by the Puyuma Express train, Taitung's charm lies in the fact that it's relatively undeveloped and sparsely populated; and life moves at a slower tempo.

East Rift Valley

For a panoramic view of Taitung's scenic beauty, take a ride in a hot air balloon at Luye Gaotai. After descent, visit the Tea Farm famous for oolong tea, and enjoy a popsicle at an unmanned mom and pop store.

The owners believe that customers will leave payment behind even if there's no one to collect it - such is the trusting spirit of the local community!

Taitung City

Tiehua Music Village is a former railway station turned into a designated space for locals to gather for a song and dance. Enjoy the moving performances of aboriginals who sing with their hearts, and buy handmade souvenirs.

Snack Street and Fruit Street showcase Taitung's street foods. Fruit stalls line the streets, displaying the huge variety of locally grown fruits in Taiwan.


Get a peek into aboriginal life at the largest indigenous community in Taitung, where the Amis people live in well-preserved slate houses, and welcome guests with song and dance. You can also buy intricate local crafts and taste aboriginal dishes here.

East Coast

The waters of this coastal city are teeming with seafood and one of Taiwan's largest fish industries is right here. Just 6km from the city centre is Fugang Harbour, the gateway to outlying islands such as Green Island and Orchid Island, and also a major port for fish auctions.

You can also enjoy freshly caught seafood cooked at one of the restaurants.


A short drive away from Little Yehliu is a popular resting spot for those travelling along the east coast. Enjoy the sound of waves lapping the shore, and let the sea breeze caress you in this peaceful open space.

In summer and fall, the beach comes alive with art exhibitions by local artists who specialise in using natural materials.


One of Taitung's most famous spots, Sansiantai is an islet named after three giant boulders which have been immortalised by folklore.

Besides possessing a surrealistic beauty untouched by civilisation, it also offers the best sunrise views in Taiwan as it's the furthest point out into the Pacific Ocean.

Recommended Itinerary

Day 1:

Puyuma Express Train - Luye Gaotai - Chulu Ranch - Mountain Homestay

Day 2:

Forest Bicycle Trek- Fugang Fish Harbour - Fruit Street Night Market - Tiehua Music Village - Taitung City Homestay

Day 3:

Little Yehliu -Jialulan Recreation Area - Coffee Break at Jinzun - Sansiantai - Moonlight Inn

Day 4:

Jhihben Hot Spring - Jhihben National Forest Recreation Centre - Tea in Forest - Jhihben Rainbow Resort

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