Taiwan beverage shops required to include ingredient specifications

TAIPEI - The Food and Drug Administration yesterday said, that local beverage shops that make their products on the spot will be regulated to include product ingredient details starting July 31.

Due to the on-going scandals on the discovery of excessive pesticide counts found in local beverage shops, the FDA invited around 380 members from the catering industry to discuss and formulate a new system to manage tea security.

The meeting proved fruitful, with various policies including an imposed mandatory security inspection on tea packing factories with capital that exceeds NT$30 million (S$1.31 million).

Tea importers have also been subjected to the same inspections and should also conduct voluntary inspections on their imported products.

The FDA noted that all beverage companies could opt to label the details of their ingredients on drink cups, or simply on the premises of their beverage outlets.

The FDA went on to elaborate that all products listed as "pure juice" are also required to contain more than 10 per cent fruit juice concentration.

For example, a product called "lemon juice tea" should be renamed "lemon flavored tea" if it contains less than 10 per cent juice concentration.

The FDA also said a new labeling system has been implemented to help consumers identify caffeine concentration.

Red markers will be used to indicate caffeine concentrations beyond 201 milligrams, while the colour yellow will be used to mark caffeine concentration between 101 and 200 milligrams.

Finally, a green marker will be used to indicate caffeine concentration lower than 100 milligrams.