Taiwan birthday party takes funny turn with pole-dancing car parade

A scantily dressed woman was seen leading the unorthodox birthday celebration.
PHOTO: 爆廢1公社

TAIPEI  — Many people in Taiwan celebrate their birthdays by spending time with family and friends, enjoying a big meal, singing at a KTV outlet, or going on a trip. 

However, a social media user on Sunday (Nov 22) posted a video of an unorthodox birthday celebration in southern Taiwan during which a local boy was tied to a pole on a car parade. 

Beside him, a sexy female host was seen helping “liven up the party,” eliciting many responses from other netizens.  

In the video, the host could be heard saying loudly into a microphone: “I need to say sorry in advance to all our friends here who may be disturbed by us!”

“Yet, you’re only 23 once, so can we all wish (the birthday boy) a memorable birthday, and shout ‘happy birthday’ with me? 1, 2, 3... Happy birthday!” 

The hilarious scene showed four pole-dancing cars slowly moving along the road with three hosts on the cars.

The social media user later explained that the birthday celebration was for his friend who was taped to one of the poles on the cars. 

The birthday boy could be seen tied to a pole on one of the cars.
PHOTO: 爆廢1公社

They passed by busy intersections and main roads to ensure that the birthday boy could get as much “exposure” as possible.

The helplessness of the young man led netizens to comment: “Is he really happy with this celebration?”, “Why does he look more like a prisoner than the birthday boy”, and “Glad to see he has such good friends.”