Taiwan cabinet on alert after terrorism threat

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Responding to a Twitter posting from an alleged IS-affiliated account that included a photo depicting Taipei's cityscape burning, the Executive Yuan responded by saying that they have activated emergency anti-terrorism contact mechanisms since learning about the online posting yesterday evening.

"When Islamic State attack your cities it won't look nice. By the permission of Allah that day is not far," said the tweet that accompanied the picture posted on Feb. 23 by user @KhilafahTimes.

The tweet was re-tweeted five times and favorited by 10 users.

Media have accredited the tweet to a possible ISIS attack on Taipei.

The Ministry of National Defence (MND) also said yesterday that the Taiwanese government would implement additional prevention mechanisms against terrorist attacks.

Military spokesman Luo Shao-ho said that the Twitter account allegedly affiliated with IS still needs to be verified for its credibility.

Luo said that he hopes citizens do not panic over the unconfirmed threat.

Government Responses

All related anti-terrorism departments will investigate the source of the news and implement follow-up measures if necessary, said the Executive Yuan.

Cabinet spokesman Sun Lih-chyun said that related departments like the National Immigration Agency (NIA), the Investigation Bureau (IB), the MND, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and the National Security Bureau (NSB) will be staying in close contact to monitor the situation.

Foreign Minister David Lin said he is actively in the progress of understanding the post.

International Intelligence

According to reports, the NSB has been cooperating with international intelligence units in order to gather a global list of terrorists in their efforts to keep terrorist groups out of Taiwan.

NSB Director Lee Shying-jow recently presented a comprehensive list of 52 international terrorists who were denied entry into Taiwan between 2013 and 2014 to the Legislative Yuan.

Art Series Of Destroyed Cities

The picture tweeted by the alleged IS-affiliated individual is a digital print produced by artist Jonas De Ro in 2013.

De Ro also illustrated Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Dubai and Moscow in ruins for his series.

Suspended Twitter Account

In related news, Twitter account-holder @Enghaitham89 tweeted unverified threats against New York on Jan. 12, according to reports.

The tweet included a photo of a destroyed cityscape and included text that read: "Tomorrow New York will burn #ISIS staying and stretching."

The account was suspended very shortly after the tweet.