Taiwan journalism professor resigns to host TV shows

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Peng Wen-cheng, a journalism professor at the National Taiwan University (NTU), said yesterday that he has decided to resign from teaching and resume a career in media affairs to protect the Graduate Institute of Journalism of NTU from controversy.

According to earlier reports, Peng is getting back into the media industry as a TV show host. His holding another job outside school has caused some public outcry.

Nevertheless, the Graduate Institute of Journalism has approved Peng's application for another position outside school but the decision is pending the school's final review, according to CNA.

On June 1 this year, Education Minister Wu Se-hwa sent an official document to NTU to request that the school finishes the review process within one month.

Peng was asked to cease hosting TV shows temporarily while the review is under way, the minister said.

Some alumni of the Graduate Institute of Journalism in NTU reportedly started a petition online, demanding that the school authority re-examine his case of getting another job and not shirk their duties.

Peng Wen-cheng posted a statement on his Facebook page yesterday, saying that the issue has brought too much controversy and political intervention to the NTU, and therefore he has chosen to leave the school in which he had taught for 20 years and would start hosting a TV show by late yesterday.

In his statement he also told his students that rather than quitting, he is actually moving his classroom to TV. He explained that the maximum number of participants in his classroom is now 23,470,000. All students can join his class, he said.

As soon as he posted the statement, students commented below, showing support. One student commented that he would stay tuned to Peng's "class" and would always be there on time.

The head of NTU journalism school Wang Tai-li said in an interview that Peng had sent a letter to indicate his decision to resign, but he still has to send an official letter to complete the procedure.