Taiwan to provide around 500 burn victims with long term care

TAIPEI - The National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) announced yesterday that about 500 burn patients are eligible for post-acute care (PAC), which is equivalent to those afforded stroke patients.

The Formosa Fun Coast Water Park explosions caused large numbers of victims with severe burns, whose recovery will require both time and comprehensive rehabilitation. The Ministry of Health and Welfare (MHW) held a meeting to discuss the further treatment of the victims and decided to activate the PAC for all burn patients, including those who were not victims of the water park blaze.

NHIA Director-General Huang San-kuei pointed out that the PAC mainly includes daytime care, clinical rehabilitation and assistance from community care treatment organisations.

"The PAC helps to seamlessly allocate acute medical care resources and the long-term care treatment of burn patients," Huang said. By providing comprehensive care in this critical period, the PAC is expected to help patients recover and return to their communities.

The 500 burn patients will be eligible to receive the PAC after being evaluated by a team that handles acute burns. The PAC is targeted at patients who are unable to take care of their personal daily activities (with a Barthel Index Score lower than 80), or have wounds that they have not recovered well enough from after two months.