Taiwan tourism bureau makes precautionary inspections of theme park

PHOTO: Taiwan Tourism

TAIPEI, Taiwan - In preparation for large attendance during the summer months to major attractions around the island, the Tourism Bureau inspected Leofoo Village Theme Park in Hsinchu City yesterday in order to prevent the tragedy of the dust explosion at Formosa Fun Coast from happening again.

The bureau decided to implement the routine inspection ahead of schedule, giving special emphasis to measures concerning emergency rescue and exit passageways, as the dust explosion caused hundreds of people to be injured due to the absence of adequate emergency response measures.

"Life is a priority, and security is the basis of quality." said Chang Shi-chung, the deputy head of the bureau.

After the accident, the central government called for the improvement of inspection standards and the hiring of specialists to help evaluate and guide operators. Chang also pointed out that Leofoo Village is the principal tourist attraction in Hsinchu City, so this time inspectors would mainly test their facilities and safety planning, including safety precautions, orderliness of the environment, management procedures, equipment maintenance, and park development.

According to the operators of Leofoo Village, they have 11 exit passageways for emergencies and dozens of exits for evacuations, all of which are clearly demarcated and unobstructed.

For first aid, the park has 13 medical stations with 120 employees trained in skills such as CPR and defibrillation; in the case of numerous injuries beyond the capacity of employees, park officials stated that they would inform rescue units immediately in order to save time.

Leofoo Village officials stated that in light of the recent incident at Formosa Fun Coast, the park would revise its standard operating procedure for emergency response and rescue to deliver injured participants to hospitals within 10 minutes.